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Alive and Well Checks:

Designed to positively identify the recipient of claim dollars through the use of a personal interview. The person’s general health and living conditions are documented and reported along with their photograph. We cover their physical capabilities, medication, daily activities and employment status during the interview and obtain a signed from for continuing benefits.

Asset Checks:

Determine the claimant’s financial position and attachable assets, including sources of income, real and personal property, other insurance policies and hidden assets. Skilled and seasoned background researchers utilizing modern investigative techniques examine public records, conduct Internet research, secure court records and interview lay sources.


CIB uses the latest, state-of-the-art covert and telephoto video surveillance equipment, which allows for both outside telephoto videotaping and inside covert documentation within six to eight feet of a subject under the most extreme low light conditions. Various vehicles and communication devices are utilized to maximize results and obtain clear, stable, useable videotape of the claimant’s physical activities. We believe that a fleet of diverse vehicles allows the flexibility required in today’s changing urban and rural environment and optimum opportunity for productive results and discreet success.

Background Investigations:

CIB has perfected an exhaustive and detailed background investigation, which combines a variety of record sources, database sources, public records, Internet searches and lay sources. This focused probe is designed to uncover inconsistencies in what the subject has represented and assist in determining their credibility and character.

Location Investigations:

Through proprietary databases, and skilled researchers using innovative investigative techniques, CIB will locate hard to find individuals efficiently and cost effectively anywhere in the world.

Special Investigations:

A specific, tailored and structured investigation to assist clients in gathering information for civil or criminal matters. CIB does not accept plaintiff assignments and will pursue all avenues of investigation with a “no stone left unturned” philosophy.


Experienced CIB interviewers will obtain written or recorded statements of events, accidents, or circumstances surrounding injury or death claims, professionally and cost effectively, telephonically or in person, pursuant to your request.

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CIB has highly trained and experienced investigators who understand complicated Long Term Disability (LTD) and Individual Disability (DI) claims involving lifetime, own occupation, business overhead expense, professional occupations, material and substantial duties. CIB also assists clients in Waiver of Premium Investigation.


Disability Investigations:

  • Pre-Surveillance

  • Surveillance

  • Activities Check

  • Neighborhood canvass

  • Location Efforts

  • Pharmacy Canvass

  • Provider Canvass

  • Health Insurance Claim History

  • Background Investigation

  • Professional Licensing verification/complaints

  • Federal/State Local Courthouse records

  • Medical record retrieval

  • Newspaper/Internet research

  • Comprehensive Claimant Interview

  • Physician interviews

  • Secure autopsy reports, death certificates

  • Dismemberment investigations

Accidental and Contestable Death

  • Interview with beneficiary

  • Secure autopsy reports, death certificates, police reports

  • Interview witnesses, ambulance, fire or police respondents

  • Foreign Death Claims

  • Suicide cases

  • Homicide cases