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CIB now offers a new line of Database Investigation products called Dossier.
These three new products offer our clients a cost effective, yet efficient alternative to traditional surveillance-based investigations.



 The “eDossier” is an innovative, comprehensive background check that includes a Social Security Number trace, address verification, a local, state, and national criminal, civil, bankruptcy and asset court records check, a social networking search, motor vehicle and driver’s license searches, an employment search, a professional and private licensing search, and a virtual mapping of the address to determine if it is conducive for potential surveillance. Our eDossier will be completed by a trained fraud specialist who will analyze all of the collected data and summarize it in our new reader-friendly PDF format that allows the reader to navigate the entire report from a set of hyperlinked bookmarks located on the first page.


The “cDossier” includes all of the eDossier database and internet searches, but also offers a choice of a 10 location hospital, pharmacy, clinic, or imaging canvass or a combination of any therein to be added to the report for a flat rate.


The “theDossier” is a comprehensive 20+ year profile of the claimant that will not only include all of the eDossier searches, but will also investigate every address, in every jurisdiction or state along with a historical search of any and all criminal, civil, asset, motor vehicle, licenses, employment, professional and private licenses and virtual mapping of all address spanning a 20 year period.