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  • Employee Theft/Dishonesty/Sexual Harassment:

    Directed by a Certified Fraud Examiner, CIB will assist companies to identify and expose employee misconduct by using trained interviewers, covert surveillance and video evidence. Our proven methodology enables companies to make difficult employee decisions with confidence and without fear of repercussion.

  • Asset Misappropriations:

    A most common white-collar fraud scheme, CIB has extensive experience and documented history of successfully uncovering these frauds. The most common involve time, money and computer misuse. Covert and mobile surveillance and computer forensic specialists combine with professional accredited interviewers to set CIB apart.

  • Intellectual Property:

    Our field agents have been trained in identifying counterfeit products for various clients and in using the most innovative and creative investigative techniques to document and track the product to its source.


  • Trademark Infringement:

    Various photographic techniques and in-person canvassing conducted by trained investigators assist our clients by identifying retailers and distributors selling brand names without proper licensing. A list of Fortune 500 company references to whom we have successfully completed these investigations and saved countless monetary losses is available upon request.

  • Transshipment Investigations:

    The latest investigative technology in this field and our special investigators, who undergo continuous educational training, identify product sold or distributed in violation of contracts or certain territorial agreements, and submit a comprehensive report tailored to our client’s specifications.

  • Competitive Intelligence:

    Our on-staff computer forensics specialists can identify whether employees are violating company policy by disseminating confidential corporate information. Our capabilities in retrieving computer information storage and record retrieval are unmatched in the industry.


  • Physical Surveillance:

    In conjunction with computer forensic specialists, CIB can assist clients in safeguarding their employees and assets by uncovering employee misconduct.

  • Undercover Operatives:

    Our highly skilled undercover investigators are able to assimilate into our client’s workforce to successfully determine any number of employee fraud schemes.